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Rose-(Dominick) Mitchell

First Name: Rose
Last Name: (Dominick) Mitchell
Lived: 1904 - 1988
Nation: Klahoose
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Rose (Dominick) Mitchell (right) and her husband Bill.  Jeannie (Pielle) Dominick on left.  CRM 17141

Basket maker Rose (Dominick) Mitchell was the daughter of Johnny Dominick and Bakahltenuk. Johnny Dominick was anthropologist Homer Barnett's cultural advisor in the 1930's.  According to Barnett, both of Johnny's parents, and their parents before them, had come from Toba Inlet, and Johnny was very knowledgeable about the traditional culture of the Klahoose.  Little is known about Rose's mother, Bakahltenuk.

Rose married a Sechelt man named Bill Mitchell.  Bill was the son of a Sechelt woman and a Maori father.   The couple made their home in the Klahoose community of Tork, or Squirrel Cove.


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