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Katherine- (Bob) Dominick

First Name: Katherine
Last Name: (Bob) Dominick
Nation: Klahoose
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Jeannie Dominick on left, Katie Dominick on right.  Photo courtesy of Rita Pimlott.
Family tree of Katie (Bob) Dominick

Katherine Bob was one of several daughters born to Jeannie and Bob George of Sliammon.  Her older sister Molly was also a basket maker and so it was natural that Katherine too picked up the skills.  

 Katherine married Wilfred (Willie) John of Sechelt with whom she had a daughter, Doreen and a son, Johnny John who died at a young age.  Wilfred died in 1989.  Katherine later married George Dominick and moved to the Klahoose community of Squirrel Cove where she lived next door to basket maker Jeanne Dominick.  Both women were older by this time but.... According to Sliammon elder Elsie Paul, who is Katherine's grandniece,  Katherine, her sister Molly, Molly's daughter Agnes and a cousin frequently used a distinctive 'butterfly' motif on their baskets.  (See, for example, Katherine's basket ...., Molly's basket.... and ..... basket .....)


Stylistic Signatures:



Katherine Dominick

Trying to identify regularities in a basket maker's work based on a sample of only 6 baskets is likely to produce questionable results.  Nevertheless a number of characteristics do stand out .


1.      Loops.  Five out of the six baskets made by Katherine in this inventory, have this signature feature.  4 have loops around the rim and one has loops integrated into the wall of the basket. (    )


2.      A preference for beading as a decorative technique.  All 6 of Katherine's baskets have beaded, rather than imbricated, designs.  One basket with beaded designs has 3 imbricated elements in the middle of an otherwise beaded pattern.


3.      A preference for 1 or 2 colour designs.  Only 1 of the 6 baskets has 3 colours in the applied decorative pattern.  In this instance  a 3rd colour (white) is used in one  small area only.


4.      Undecorated bottom wall slats.  All 6 baskets exhibit this feature.


5.      False braided and bundle coiled edges are not much used.


6.      Favoured design elements:  1)  triangles   and   2) clusters of 3 slanted lines forming a shape resembling a diamond on its side. More complex patterns are built up using these two elements.

  Whether these observations would be still be valid if a larger sample of Katie Dominicks's work was available remains to be seen.