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Agnes-(Harry) McInnes

First Name: Agnes
Last Name: (Harry) McInnes
Lived: 1894 - 1974
Nation: Sliammon
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Agnes-(Harry) McInnes

Agnes McInnes (nee Harry)

Agnes McInnes was born in 1894, the eldest daughter of George Harry and Theresa Timothy, sister of Sliammon Chief Tom Timothy.  Theresa and George show up in the 1901 census as ‘Indian Harry’ and ‘Indian Theressa’.  They are listed as having 4 children: 2 daughters - Theressa and Alice, and boys Denny and Ignace.   It may be that the 4 year old boy ‘Ignace’ is actually 5 year old  ‘Agnes’, as the census does not mention her.  Whether or not this is the case the 1911 census makes no mention of Ignace.  We do find Theresa and George, now  listed as Uhat Harry and Uhat Teresa and now with 3 more children - Justine (Christina), Jimmy and another Theresa (3 years old).  Again there is no Agnes.  

It appears that by 1911 Agnes had married a man by the name of George August.  This first marriage was short lived.  When Agnes remarried in 1920 her marriage certificate recorded that she was a widow. Agnes’ second marriage was to logger Dick McInnes, the son of a Noocksack woman and a non-aboriginal man.  It lasted more than 50 years.  Agnes passed away in 1974 and her husband Dick three months later.

Although we have so far located only one example of Agnes McInnes work,  it is clear from this one piece that she was a gifted and innovative basket maker.  Made around 1940, the round 24 inch tall table, now in the collection of the Powell River Museum, is unique.  Popular northern Coast Salish design motifs cover all surfaces of the table.The complex construction, beautifully rendered, could only have been done by someone with a complete mastery of the various techniques employed. 

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