Campell River, Vancouver Island Museum Photo Gallery

'V' derived

These Weavers use this motif.
Click the images to see one of their baskets with this motif.

Jeannie-(Pielle) Dominick

Louise-(Francis) Harry

Elizabeth-(McGee) Wilson

Mary Madeline -(Wilson) Francis

Maker Unknown-

Maker unknown-Homalco-


"Unknown" (see comments below)-

"V" based designs are among the most commonly used motifs on baskets from this area.  The 'V's' appear alone, or repeated to form a zig zag pattern sometimes referred to as 'mountains'.  When rendering these 'V' patterns, many basket makers tend to use the same colours and colour sequence.  See for example baskets made by Mrs. George Francis and

 'V' derived
 'V' derived
 'V' derived
 'V' derived