Campell River, Vancouver Island Museum Photo Gallery


These Weavers use this motif.
Click the images to see one of their baskets with this motif.

Jeannie-(Pielle) Dominick

Annie-(Harry) Wilson

Louise-(Francis) Harry

Elizabeth-(McGee) Wilson

Adeline-(Wilson) Francis

Maker Unknown-

Irene-(Joseph) Wilson/ Lawrentief

Mrs. Peter-Harry


Mary /Molly-Timothy (nee Bob)

"Unknown" (see comments below)-


Diamonds were one of the most common motifs used by 20th century northern Coast Salish basket makers who found a surprising number of ways of rendering this fairly simple shape.  Women tended to repeat the same diamond patterns on all of their baskets so knowing what kind of diamond a particular weaver prefered is useful in identifying their work. See for example the following baskets made by Jeannie Dominick: PC LA1; MCR 995.6.4; MCR 974.9.2;PC LH1.