Campell River, Vancouver Island Museum Photo Gallery

PRM 1988-058

PRM 1988-058
PRM 1988-058
Type: Table

This table was given as a gift to Pete and Helen Anderson of Powell River (?) in 1940.

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A two tiered basketry table with a cedarwood frame.  The basketry surface  is the work of Sliammon basket maker Agnes McInnes.  The frame was made by her husband, Dick McInnis.

The uppermost table surface is circular in shape while the lower shelf is square.  4 table legs, square in cross section appear to taper toward the floor.  Two vertical slats rim the circumference of the upper table surface; the lower, square shelf surface is rimmed by a single vertical slat.

Technique: Table surface appears to be bundle coil construction with a spiral start while the lower shelf is slat coil construction.  Both the upper and lower horizontal surfaces have false braid around the lower rim edges.  The upper table surface is almost entirely imbricated, except for the centre.  Other table surfaces have beaded decorations.

Materials:  Table has a cedar wood frame.  Binding stitches which form the table surface are of split cedar root.  Designs are made from bitter cherry bark in its natural red state and dyed black.  White design elements are made with an unknown plant material – perhaps bear or canary grass.

Dimensions:  Height: 60 cm. (24 inches). Width: Round table surface 38 cm. (15 inches); lower shelf is 10 ½” square.

The table was manufactured around 1940.