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PRM 1972-032

PRM 1972-032
PRM 1972-032
PRM 1972-032
Motif: Diamond

Mary Peters was Sliammon.  Her mother was Klahoose.

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Cylindrical slat coiled basket with lid.

Materials:  Cedar wood slats, cedar or spruce roots.  Imbricated designs are made with bitter cherry bark, both in its natural red state and dyed black.  The white design elements are made with an unknown plant material, possibly bear grass.

Techniques:  Basket walls are of slat coil construction with a single row of bundle coil along the upper edge. A second bundle coil row is inset to form a slight shoulder. Lid construction is bundle coil with the lid rim formed by a single slat.  Imbricated designs.

Overall dimensions: 12.5 cm ( 5 inches) high x 14 cm (5 ½ inches) across.