Campell River, Vancouver Island Museum Photo Gallery

PRM 1963-017

PRM 1963-017
PRM 1963-017

Maker:  Attributed to Louise Dominick by Mrs. Elizabeth Harry

Nation: Sliammon

Date of manufacture: c. 1920’s

This specialized basket was designed to hold ties and removeable collars which began to fall out of favour in the 1920’s.


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Circular slat coiled basket with gallery designed to hang on a wall.  A small ‘hanging rack’ is mounted onto the wall panel below the basket.

Technique: Slat coil construction with a single row of bundle coiling outlining the wall panel.  The basket base and rim have false braiding around the edge.  Beaded ‘butterfly’ designs with imbricated patches forming the butterfly ‘body’. A row of beading also trims the bundle coil edge.

Material:  Cedar wood slats, split cedar root.  Tie rack appears to be constructed of a piece of thick guage wire covered with split cedar root.  Decorations: bitter cherry bark dyed black.

Dimensions:  29 c. x 25 cm. x 15 cm.