Campell River, Vancouver Island Museum Photo Gallery


Collection: Private Collection
Motif: Diamond

This basket was given to __ Nickson by Paul Lawrentieff around 1927.  Paul Lawrentieff later married basket maker Irene Joseph.

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Lidded, cylindrical, slat coiled basket with slightly flaring walls.  Base is inset ca. 1 cm. and composed of 10 slats ranging in width from 1.8 to 2.0 cm.  No bundle coil ring edging the base.  Base slats are stabilized by Type ___ base stitching.

Basket walls are 10 slats high.  Wall slat width ranges from 1.5 to 1.2 cm.  A row of bundle coiling tops the wall with a second inset row of bundle coil forming a slight shoulder.  A 2.5cm. wide lip slat is attached vertically to this 2nd row of bundle coil.  Unlike the basket base the lid has a bundle coil band around the outer edge of the lid surface.  Lid slats are narrow and uniform in width (1.5 – 1.7 cm range).  The same type __ stabilizing is used on the lid as on th

Materials:  cedar root, cedar wood slats, bitter cherry bark (in its undyed, natural red colour)

Techniques:  Slat coil and bundle coil construction, imbricated designs.

Decoration:   Only one colour is used – the natural red colour of bitter cherry bark.  Design elements consist of 4 split diamonds spaced at intervals around the basket wall.  The axis that divides each diamond continues through to  the bottom slat, over the rim bundle coil and onto the lid rim, although this lid rim decoration now  remains in only 2 places.  The rim slat colour blocks are 2 strands wide while the colour blocks on the basket wall are formed by  two 1- strand imbrications side by side.  Imbricated colour blocks for the most part are done in sets of 2 imbrications. 

Dimensions:  Height:  17 cm.  Width: base 21.4 cm. ;  shoulder: 24.5 cm. ; lid: 22.5 cm.

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