Campell River, Vancouver Island Museum Photo Gallery

MCR 982.18

MCR 982.18
MCR 982.18
MCR 982.18
MCR 982.18
Motif: Diamond

Lousie Harry specifically stated that she used hemlock root for this basket.

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Rectangular Northern Coast Salish basket of slat coil construction flaring slightly at rim.  Cherry bark decoration and scalloped loopwork along rim.

Materials: hemlock root, bitter cherry bark, cedar wood slats.

Technique: Base is composed of 8 cedar slats.  Most slats are 1 cm wide, except the edge strips which are 0.7 cm wide. Walls are four slats high - slats 2.2 cm wide.  The scalloped edge of the rim is a wrapped bundle, one element of which is a plastic wire.


Decoration: a beaded diamond-shaped motif on each wall.


Overall Dimensions: Length - 15.5 cm (base), 18 cm (top); Width - 9.1 cm (base), 12.7 cm (top); Height - 9.5 cm