Campell River, Vancouver Island Museum Photo Gallery

MCR 974.9.2

MCR 974.9.2
MCR 974.9.2
MCR 974.9.2
Motif: Diamond

Mrs. Dominick was in her eighties when this basket was acquired by the Museum at Campbell River.

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Northern Coast Salish basket.  Round slat coil basket with loopwork trim at top; two rows of red cherry bark beading around top bundle coil.  Imbricated elongated diamonds (5) around outside of basket in red, black and white.  Watch spring bundle coil bottom.


Materials: Cedar root, cherry bark, dried grass or corn husk


Techniques: bundle coil (bottom rim), slat coil (sides), loopwork (single coil of cedar root finishing rim), imbrication (principal motif in red, black, white), beading (two rows in red around rim)

Overall Dimensions: Diameter: top - 27.3 cm, bottom - 21 cm; Height: 27.5 cm