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MCR 973.94.2

MCR 973.94.2
MCR 973.94.2
Motif: Triangles

This basket was made when Katherine was living in Squirrel Cove.  Date of manufacture was around 1973.

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Northern Coast Salish basket.    

Materials:  Slats are of split cedar wood thuja plicata. Stitching of spruce or cedar root.  Decorative elements are bitter cherry bark prunus emarginata.  Light coloured elements appear to be of an unidentified grass(?)

Technique: slat coil construction. Walls: 4 slats high and slightly flared.  Base: 11 slats wide.

Decoration: 4 identical beaded motifs spaced at even intervals around basket wall. Design is a large beaded  'V' shape formed from small triangles or 'pyramids' rendered in dyed black cherry bark.  A single white coloured triangle sits inside the 'V'.

Overall dimensions:  Diameter at basket rim is 27.5 cm.  Diameter at base: 25.6.  Basket height: 9 cm