Campell River, Vancouver Island Museum Photo Gallery

MCR 973.41

MCR 973.41
MCR 973.41
Motif: Diamond
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One round Northern Coast Salish slat coil basket with lid.   Lid is flat topped and fits over the top wall of the basket.  Bundle coil base with watch spring beginning. Slat coil sides, rim and edge of lid. One simple bundle coil row between top of sides and rim as well as top surface of lid. Button and commercial string on side of basket once served as a fastener for lid.


Imbricated star (?) design in red and white on side of basket and on lid.  Spiral in red in centre of lid.


Techniques: slat coil, bundle coil, imbrication 

Materials: Cedar root, cherry bark, dried grass or corn husk(?)

Overall dimensions:  Diametre 13.1 cm X  8.5 cm high