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MCR 969.40 A-B

MCR 969.40 A-B
MCR 969.40 A-B
MCR 969.40 A-B

Basket belonged to a member of the Thulin family, long time residents of the Campbell River area.  It is likely that it was obtained locally in the Campbell River area.

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One Northern Coast Salish coiled rectangular basket with lid. Basket has rectangular base 7 slats wide.  Row of bundle coil around base.  Base is recessed.  Top slat of basket is inset. Two handles at top ends of basket-bundle coil (string core, 3 strands) appears on inside of basket between ends of handles. Cover fits over top and is then smooth with rest of the basket.

Basket motif has a large diamond shaped imbricated design on each side of basket, red, white and black with black squares at points of diamond.  In center of diamond a flower design in red on one side, black on other.  On ends are three V-shaped designs filled with flowers shaped; top two are black V's with white liner and red flowers. Bottom V is red. Red beading in 8 locations around base.

Lid has Imbricated design on top, beading on side of lid.  Across the center of the top is a black ladder with 3 stitches of white filling the spaces. There is a tree (?) design imbricated in red across both sides of the lid, 5 branches each side of each tree, with 2 white stitches at the end of each branch.  There are 2 rows of black beading at the corners, 2 rows of red at the center of the long sides.  

Technique:  slat coiled, bundle coiled, imbrication

Materials: cedar, cherry bark

Overall dimensions: 62.0 cm long (with handles) x 30.0 cm wide x 29.0 cm high