Campell River, Vancouver Island Museum Photo Gallery

CDM 973.27.9

CDM 973.27.9
CDM 973.27.9
CDM 973.27.9
Maker: (?)-Nimnim
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Square slat coiled basket. Two nested imbricated bands of linked 'V's in zig zag or wave pattern around the circumferance of basket.  These are rendered in red, yellow and black.  Base is inset .  There is a single bundle coil around the inside edge of the base.   The slat composing the base of the basket walls has a  'signature strip'  - the pattern is a wide band of imbrication flanked by 2 narrow bands, repeated at intervals, 3 times on each side. 


Materials: cedar wood slats, cedar root, cherry bark (in its natural polished red colour and dyed black), an unknown plant fibre (possibly cat tail leaves) also dyed black


Techniques:  slat coil, a single bundle coil, imbrication   


Overall dimensions: 44 cm x 41 cm x 23 cm high